Mon 30 April 2018

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According to the schedule in the proposal, this week was about getting familiar with Lineage OS building process and installing it on the development device. This blog post summarizes the work I've done and the problems I ran into (and successfully fixed) in the process, and makes a brief …

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Sat 17 March 2018

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The story

Consider the following code snippet:

#include <iostream>

class A;

class B { 
        B() {} 

        B(A &) { // conversion constructor that takes cv-unqualified A
            std::cout << "called B's conversion constructor" << std::endl; 

class A { 
        operator B() const { // conversion operator that takes cv-qualified A
            std::cout << "called A's conversion …
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Tue 13 March 2018

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The story

Thanks to the signing party and Harry Chen being so generous that he gave out one of his spare YubiKey 4's to me, I've got to get my hands on this tiny new device, which really changes the game of secure authentication and encryption. This article mainly serves …

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Mon 05 February 2018

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The story

My SPARC Enterprise T5120 came with two 10000 RPM SAS HDDs, both with a labeled capacity of 146GB. Gentoo was installed on the first hard drive, and thanks to the old SILO that was in charge of booting the system up, I have to keep a single-large-root partition …

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Mon 22 January 2018

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Gc (Go's most widely-used compiler) isn't available for GOOS=linux && GOARCH=sparc (Gentoo SPARC) for now; what makes matters worse is that Gccgo (sys-devel/gcc[go]) is not working on Gentoo (it hangs in early initialization). Debian Ports comes to the rescue, as although no Gc as well, their …

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