I'm currently a third-year Direct Doctorate in Computer Science student at ETH Z├╝rich. I am a member of the Systems Group with Prof. Timothy Roscoe.

My research interests span the broad area of computer systems, especially in operating systems, high-performance networking, and computer architecture. I enjoy building highly performant and efficient systems via software and hardware approaches. My experience in FPGAs, system programming, and parallel programming, enables me to effectively solve many problems in these fields. You can find my full CV here.

I also keep a blog (updated irregularly) to record experiences when dealing with various interesting systems, from old-school Unix to Android to RISC-V-on-FPGA endeavors. Follow this link or the "Blog" link in the top right corner of this page to find out more. Don't hesitate to comment or contact me to discuss on topics I've covered!

You can reach me via the following:

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