Gentoo GSoC Weekly Report 07/16

Mon 16 July 2018

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This week is mainly about decoupling toolchain from Android Build System so as to enable a local build of Android on the phone itself. Toolchains for the following programming languages are needed throughout the entire build:

  • C/C++ (Android Platform)
  • Java (Android Platform, apps)
  • Go (build system, i.e. Soong & Blueprint)

As of current, the entire source tree is mounted onto the phone via NFS. Tweak kernel config to enable NFS, emerge net-fs/nfs-utils, then mount the filesystem. Refer to nfs(5) for more information. The articles in this report assume that the AOSP tree is mounted at /import/lineageos.

The last week's work sums up into the following two articles:

This week did not achieve any significant milestones; instead, several obstacles are discovered. They are discussed in the relative articles.


Personal details (portrait, CV) © Pengcheng Xu All Rights Reserved; articles licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.
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